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Deck Devil Board Straightener


Brand: Titan Building Products

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Deck Devil Extension Tube $10.97
Deck Devil Joist Adapter $7.97

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The most versatile board straightener you will find.


"I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful Deck Devil product. I ordered it and it proved to be just the right tool for the job. Thanks for making a product that works!"

Doug Johnson - Elbert, CO


This telescopic compact device attaches to any hand held cordless drill (3/8" chuck) to deliver precise push or pull power to straighten any type of board.  Your third hand on the job site.

This means you can get into tighter spaces to do what you need to do like:


  • Straighten any board
  • Compress bowed joists down onto supporting beams
  • Pull fascia board around curves 


Only 14" long and less than 3 lbs. Fits easily into any tool box. An internal safety mechanism prevents over tightening if you forget and keep pulling too long.  Like every Titan product.


Or Use Accessories To Do Even More


  • Optional Joist Adapter allows it to push or pull heavy sheets of T&G plywood.
  • Pull and hold joists together against perpendicular rim boards.
  • Extension Tube provide up to 26" of range.


Includes rubber gripping pads for each claw, 360 degree rotation. Hot dip galvanized and powder coated for good looks and longer life.

Technical Specs
Color/Coating Bright Red powder coat on hot dip zinc
Dimensions Size: 1" x 1" x 14"
Weight: 4 lbs
Claws: 1/8" (3mm) for tight deck spacing
Hex Drive 9.5mm hex
Chuck Size 3/8" or larger

Shipping charges apply to this product because of its weight.


If purchased with other products that are subject to our "$7 or Free" program, the applied shipping charge will apply only to this product.

Also available is the Extension tube and Joist Adapter for pulling action.  Get your Deck Devil tool fully set up for to do everything it can!

Deck Devil Board Straightener
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Featured positive reviews:

Deck Devil Board Straightener
Good tool for the money
The deck straightener worked well and was shipped quickly. I would change the way the angle and joist clamp attached to the main body of the tool though. It needs to be anchored on both sides of the tool, not just a pin with a hair pin retainer. The pin bends too easily and with repeated use will soon break. I plan on modifying mine to capture the pushing/pulling attachments on both sides of the tool to prevent the pin from bending; I would suggest the manufacturer do the same.

The only other thing, is I would suggest buying two of these as it would make deck installations go much easier.

Could not give a five due to the pin bending--would not last through multiple deck installs.
Deck Devil Board Straightener
More power than I usually need
I used the deck devil on probably ten to fifteen decks. On most pressure treated decks I don't really find its power necessary as I usually just angle in a screw or drive a chisel into the joist and pry it. But there's always those ones where you risk damaging the board or anything doing that and the deck devil had no problems with it. Where I really found it more useful for was on TREX and composite decking materials that are much stronger than pressure treated and sometimes come with big crowns that are a pain to straighten out. There were also situations where I could stand it on edge and use it as a sort of clamp or vice.
Deck Devil Board Straightener
Worked perfectly
I used it on composite 5/4 and it worked great. Then I tried it with some 2x4s, not even a challenge. I also tried it on 2x6s, and it worked great. I didn't have a board I couldn't straighten, not one! I even put a tremendously bowed 2x6 up there and it straightened it perfect. I made a little extension and tried it with some 2x12s and it still worked great. The only thing I might change is to add a spinner handle to it. I will recommend this tool to all my friends and anybody who will listen. Thank you!

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